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Saad Kudady

Phone: (289)400-6844

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We offer A flatbed trailer delivery and moving for all Ontario. Our delivery charges come with.

....13% HST will be added..

....We will not charge you a " fuel Surcharge "fee

....We will not charge for load securing “strapping” or covering the load with tarps.

....Our prices based on same day or next day delivery

....Our Prices include $80 for One pick up for (two hours pick up time) and $80 for One drop off (two hours drop off time) .

....Extra drop off or pick up will be charges  $80 additional for both.

....We will charge $80/hr if pick up or drop off extends beyond the two hours.

.... A 5% fee charges will apply every month on any over due invoices see our General delivery terms  

Let us know if you want to go with a custom plan for your special delivery needs.

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We deliver in Ontario 


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